Monday, January 25, 2016

Day 15...Evening Devotion

John 15:1-27 Read today's scripture here
"The Source"

The very first observation that I make when I look at John 15, is that it's completely in red. I know this isn't a deep revelation but the words of Jesus should grasp our attention. Since Jesus is the source of our hope, our present help and our eternal home, it would seem that we'd be addicted to hearing from him. If our claim of Christianity is to be validated, then our delight should be in the word of God (Psalm 1:2).

As your day concludes, I'd also point out that this chapter is really about having a relationship with God that's so qualitative, that it leads to reproduction. Here's where fasting, praying and reading daily comes into play. Our relationships with the Lord must be such a priority, that we are constantly expressing our love for him by drawing closer to him. A vine and a branch are in communion with each other. The implication is that you can't tell where one begins and the other ends because the two are that closely intertwined. Which presents us with an incredibly relevant question, how are you and God getting along? Don't blow this question off, because for many of us our relationship with God is either stagnant or second hand. Either we're stuck in a past understanding of God that was immature and superficial or we're relating vicariously with God through the experiences of others. We can do better than that!

When you're relating well with God, don't be deceived into thinking that that's the cap to your relationship with him. You should then be able to relate well with other people (verse 17). We've been commanded to love each other. I know that's a tough blow to your anger, your frustration and the hatred you've been harboring in your heart. But, the reality of your God relationship is that if he's working on the inside of you then it should be showing on the outside of you!

Before you lay down to sleep tonight, I want you to remember that you're no better than Jesus (verse 20). Life is hard. As a matter of fact (if I can be honest) it's damn hard! But the truth is that Jesus has our backs! He's committed us to the care of the Spirit of truth, that will keep us safe, sane and connected to the source who allows us to live, move and have our being (Acts 17:28)!

Good night and I love you all and I'm praying that God reminds you that life in him is abundant!

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