Thursday, January 28, 2016

Day 18...Evening Devotion

"Friends and Foes"

For three and a half years, Jesus poured himself into twelve men. They spent an incredible amount of time together, traveling, working, eating and learning. Naturally, friendships form and significant connections are made. Ironically, everyone that you can count you can't count on. Out of twelve men, one betrayed him, one denied him and the rest except for John deserted him.

The point of this devotional is to make you aware of your inner circle. When you're in trouble, you'll quickly find out who is really in your corner. So, check the intentions of those around you, to ensure that they have your best interest at heart. Some (like Judas) are always hanging around but stealing from you every chance they get or they're secretly hating on you. Some (like Peter) are genuinely in covenant with you, but don't know how to handle the implications of being that close to you so they lie. Some (like nine disciples) just aren't strong enough to hang around when tough times come. If you're blessed like Jesus, you'll have that one friend that you can trust your momma with (John 19:26-27).

Bare with me, because I'm trying to make this short... Jesus was taken to court based on lies and convicted and sentenced to death by his own people. No fault in him was found, but he was a trouble maker who disrupted the religious system. Before you call it a night, I want you to think about friends who act like foes. There are people that will smile in your face and run their mouths about you behind your back, until they get in a crowd of other cowards so they can hide their voice. Please understand that people are fickle minded. Not long ago, we read of these same people praising Jesus now they're pushing Jesus toward the cross to be crucified. Don't get confused about who is really in your corner!

My prayer for you tonight, is that you will no longer turn a blind eye to the negative intentions of those who surround you. I pray that you will be wise in your friend selection, because the choice is yours. That's why it's imperative that I share this with you, sometimes you need the negativity (Judas) to push you to your destiny of glory. You're not going to always choose people like John to be on your team, but use the gossip as gas for you to keep it moving! When you choose people like Peter, teach them how to love you. Take your time in building quality relationships and don't get so frustrated that you give up, because a little while ain't always!

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