Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Day 2...Evening Devotion

John 2:1-25  Read today's scripture here
"Miracles and Messes"

Good evening! I pray that your day has been a blessed one. It's day 2 of consecration and I can sense that the struggle is real for you! I assure you that God's strength is made perfect in your weakness.

John 2 begins with an incredible miracle (Walkerized definition of Miracle: God showing up and showing out in public just for you!). At a wedding, where the pressure of everything being perfect is great, the groom is headed toward embarrassment because there is no more wine. We all know that that's a quick way to shut a lively party down; just yell that we're out of drink and everyone will surely disperse. Jesus saves this groom from embarrassment, by turning water into wine.

Here's a few thoughts about this miracle...
1) It wasn't all on Jesus. Jesus gave instructions, to fill six huge pots with water. Obedience is key to seeing progress in your life. If you want to see God work, then give him something to work with! We give incredibly to many excuses as to why we aren't obedient participants, to see God do the miraculous. The truth is that we aren't seeing God at work is because we aren't working. In the words of my great grandmother 'now you can put that in your pipe and smoke it'!

2) Jesus made the best wine. It's important to note that Jesus doesn't half do anything. Excellence should be our middle names! Don't settle for mediocrity in your life. The trouble with this is that we often don't see our insufficient action as substandard. So, it's necessary to be surrounded by people who will call you on your crap (that's right, I said it). The wedding planner told Jesus that you've saved the best wine for last. Before it's all said and done for you, you should get this stage in your life right. Stop wasting time and making excuses, and put in the hard work to make this season the best season of your life!

Right after a miracle, Jesus walks into a mess! Please understand, that life is filed with ups and downs. There's no way for you to escape life's messes. It's the mess that makes you (you'll catch that later tonight)! Jesus reveals in the temple, that he is not only the son of God but that he's also a soldier in the army of God! Don't get scared in the face of messy people! Don't miss this: messy people are messy and think they're doing God a favor. But mess can never be blessed, it can only be cleaned up!

I love all of you towards abundant life in Jesus Christ! I pray that these evening devotions are helping you to be great, just like the Lord desires for you to be. I hope you'll check back tomorrow as I pen my reflections on John 3:1-36. Also, don't forget to join our prayer call tomorrow night at 7 p.m. as we talk and pray about unity. Call (641) 715-3836 and use access code 131337.

Until tomorrow, happy fasting!

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