Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day 9...Evening Devotion the Return

"Your Condition Doesn't Have to Be Your Conclusion"

Corporate fasting for Grace Corner has not turned out as I'd hoped as your spiritual leader. Those of you who've committed to this spiritual discipline and are sincerely seeking God's face, thank you! Your faithfulness isn't disregarded by God and I'm appreciative for your diligence and sacrifice. Here are my raw thoughts on today's reading...

John 9 is one of my all time favorite stories! Jesus is interested in you. Not the you that's visible to the world, because all they see is your problems. People have the tendency to only notice about you, what makes them feel better than you. However, Jesus looks at who you can be with his help. Believe it or not, we all are in dire need of Jesus' help! Here's what's really interesting, he's looking to help you when everyone else has become satisfied with the you that they can see.

The disciples (the church) see the same man that Jesus saw, and they assume that the reason this man is blind is because somebody messed up. I want to dispel this false Christian myth, that everything that is wrong in an individuals life is either the result of sin or the Devil. There are some things that are just unfortunate life occurrences. Jesus responds to their assumption, by submitting God's permissive will. That is to say that God did not cause this man to be born blind, rather that God allowed him to be born blind. Ironically, the whole point of the man's blindness is so that God could get the glory from his life! Whatever you do, don't attempt to steal God's glory! Your problems are God's platforms alone, for the display of his power!

Jesus then goes to work. He teaches us that miracles (improving the quality of one's life) are messy. Jesus uses his spit to mix with dirt to make a salve, and applies it to the blind man's eyes. That's nasty! But true ministry is a nasty process, that's far from pretty. The problem is when we attempt to remain in God's presence nasty. He tells the man to go and wash the nasty off! That's why I was pushing so hard for us to read, fast and pray together; I want us to get the nasty off!

Don't miss that the man was obedient and left from Jesus' presence and washed. He could see! It was a miracle! If you're wondering why you're still wandering in the darkness after a Jesus encounter, you have to ask yourself  'Have I been obedient to his command?' Here's an even better question to ask yourself  'Was I attentive to God's voice when he was instructing me?' You can no longer blame God for where you are in life, now's the time to question yourself. Listen, God can only order your steps, it's up to you to obey his orders!

Please understand that some people just don't know how to be happy for you, when you're no longer in darkness. All the church/Pharisees could do was question if this was the same man that was blind and to find out if the man that healed him was of God. Let me be clear, beware of why people are close to you. All of their questions aren't because they're concerned about you or even because they want to celebrate with you. As a matter of fact, once you tell them your testimony, they may not even want you around them anymore. And that has to be fine with you, because you condition has changed! You're no longer blind, so stop acting like it! Since they've showed you who they really are, believe them, leave them and go on with the Lord!

After the Pharisees put the man out, Jesus didn't leave him hanging! That's a fine time to worship him. Jesus found him, talked with him to let him know that he wasn't alone. I don't know where you are, how you're feeling or even what you're thinking but you aren't alone! Jesus is your friend and he won't leave you.

Don't get too comfortable in your condition, because it doesn't have to be your conclusion. Wise up and become obedient to God's command TODAY and watch him change you whole life!

Join us for prayer tomorrow night at 7 p.m. by calling (641) 715-3836 and use access code 131337. I'll lend some principles about leadership and be praying about it as well. Stay blessed!

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