Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Love & Devotion (12 of 21)

Proverbs 16:6 (New Living Translation) "Unfailing love and faithfulness make atonement for sin.
By fearing the Lord, people avoid evil."-Knowing When To Bow, So You Can Stand

For many of us, we don't know how or when to back down. Unfortunately, that's a terrible quality to have. It's necessary for us to have the last word, or to get our point across no matter what. We have the tendency to equate bowing with failure. However, it's important to know when to bow, because it will help you stand later.

The fear that's mentioned in Proverbs 16:6, isn't defined as trembling but respect. The believer must respect the Lord, because his unfailing love and faithfulness has atoned us of our sins. Please understand that his love for us isn't license to do as you please. Without question we are free, but we are free to live, move and have our being in Christ alone. When we respect the Lord, there's a sense that we'll do right by him because he's done right by us.

Pay attention to the contrast between sin and evil. They aren't one in the same. God's love forgave us of our sin, which is an act of ignorance and omission. It's possible to stumble into sin and/or be coerced into sin. However, evil is premeditated. Avoid it! James 4:7 supports this admonishment, by telling us to resist the Devil. Resisting the Devil and avoiding evil, begins with our reverence and respect for the Lord. If we bow to God, we can stand against the Devil.

Don't be fooled by the blessings of the Devil. He can give you things and stuff but only God has the hand of blessing! Notice that the Devil has blessings but God has the hand of blessing. Evil shines, glitters and blings in an effort to capture your attention. God's hand of blessing isn't interested in your attention, but he's after your heart. Be encouraged to stand against the Devil, with the words of Jesus in Matthew 6:33 "Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need."

***Tomorrow's verse...Galatians 6:1 'Truth in Love' Tomorrow Pastor Walker will post a special video edition of Love & Devotion!


  1. Thanks for all the clarity I'm getting from these devotionals.

  2. Thanks for all the clarity I'm getting from these devotionals.