Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Looking Foward

Good afternoon! As your pastor, it's my duty to care for you by ordering your spiritual life, in the teaching of God's word, covering you in prayer, keeping a progressive and holistic vision before you and by leading our faith community in the celebration of the sacraments (communion and baptism). I take those responsibilities extremely seriously and I'm working as strategically as I possibly can, to position us for stability. Like any good leader, I worry. You all have the joy of coming to worship without concern of what goes into making church work. However, church has business that must be addressed. That's why I'm writing to you today.

First, let me say that at this point, Grace Corner is in a great season of growth. We've been presented with the opportunity to embrace a Spanish speaking congregation, members who are working at opening a daycare center on our campus, house a progressive nonprofit community organization and open a short order kitchen on site. My point is, that opportunities are available for us to become a real community church, instead of a church in the community.

Second, church attendance matters! Your presence as a regular part of worship is what makes us close knit. A significant part of our church's DNA is fellowship. If you're frequently a no show, it gives us the impression that you don't want to be a part of this unique faith community. Come to church and make it not just a habit but a second home.

Third, when you come to church, be a real contributor. We gather every Sunday, to fellowship and eat together. The preparation for that often rests on the shoulders of 4 people. THAT'S NOT FAIR. Four people can easily become tired, even when they enjoy what they're doing. It's too many of us for the weight of preparing for Sunday to rest on 4 people. It's evident that you like what's going on at Grace Corner, because you keep coming back. So I'm asking you to contribute to our Sunday experience. Here's how: bring something for Café Grace, contribute $5 a month toward it if cooking isn't your thing, help set up for it by coming at 10 a.m., help clean up after worship for 15 minutes, volunteer for our growing children's church 1 Sunday per month, spend an hour 1 day a week to make sure the building is ready for Sunday. A little help goes a long way!

Last, everyone learns about something good because someone told them about it. I know that our Sunday experience is different from other churches, but that's the point! We 're a good kind of different! We are reaching a generation of people that needs our help, with honesty and non-judgmental love. I'm convinced after much prayer, that this I our purpose and they're our ministry targets. Here's a Walkerism for you: TRANSFORMATION BEGINS WITH AN INVITATION!!! Let the atmosphere draw them, let God work on them and let the fellowship be so sticky, that they can't get away!

We're on our way toward greatness. It's only possible though, with your consistent support. Thank you for stepping up your giving!!! That's major point of celebration. We're not saving any money at the moment, but thank God, that we're paying our bills with relative ease. Don't quit giving!!! You're the reason that ministry is happening...we just can't do it without you!!!

Loving you toward abundant life, your proud pastor...
Antonie E. Walker

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