Saturday, May 21, 2016

YOU Matter to Us!!!

So it's a gloomy Saturday in Middle Georgia. That's a mere indication for you to be lazy today and enjoy the slow pace. I'm asking you to rest today and come to worship tomorrow to be revived. At both the 9:45 (Bloomfield Chapel) and 10:45 (Café Grace) morning experiences, I'll be teaching about 'When Helping You, Is Hurting Me'. I'm convinced that this message will be confrontational and transformational.

I'm playing with you to bring someone with you in the morning. There are people in your house, love right next door or consider you to be a strong influence in their life's. Bring them with you! Don't miss out on the fellowship, pastries and the non-judgmental environment. It just won't be the same without you there, because YOU Matter to Us!!!

*We are the most caring, covenant community of Christians the world has ever seen!

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