Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sermon Notes...I Pledge Allegiance

Subject: I Pledge Allegiance...The Tug of War Between God and Country (A conversation spurred by the stance of Colin Kaepernick)

Introduction: There's an uncomfortable tension in the air, emotions are high and the stage for volatile eruptions is set. The hot but touchy topics of politics, the police, the economy, healthcare and race is the blame. Colin Kaepernick is lucky number seven for the San Francisco 49ers, but has become a household name because of his refusal to stand at games for the national anthem...

Overwhelming Observations: things about this story that leap out, that's noteworthy...
1) Right- America boasts of being the "home of the free" with a constitution whose First Amendment empowers him to sit when he pleases. This is simply a peaceful protest.

2) Reason- Civil rights has long been a historically tense issue. It's not a color problem but a human one. Inequality still exists and none are free until we all are! It's a  noble cause.

3) Responsibility- Influence and wealth should be used for good. At age 28, he's arrested the attention of the nation (positive and negative), for a cause that's greater than himself.

Transition: Humanity doesn't know how to balance well, because we're typically extremists. God is tugging on our heartstrings for our allegiance, but we continue to give it away to a world/system that continually let's us down. How doe's the scriptures bring this controversy to a calm?...

Exposition: Scriptural insight on why we should pledge our allegiance to God over country...

1) God is stronger...First Kings 18:1-40
In the face of fake politicians (Ahab and Jezebel), false prophets (450 of Baal; 400 of Asherah) and fickle people, God proved to be the true and living God!

2) God is smarter...Second Chronicles 1:7-12
Solomon requests wisdom from God. God grants his request by making Solomon the wisest man to ever walk the earth. How wise is the God that made Solomon wise (Isaiah 55:8-9).

3) God is deserving...Exodus 20:2
Prior to revealing the commandments of the covenant, God reminds Israel of why their allegiance is due to God alone, because it was God who delivered them!

Conclusion: God is tugging for your attention (prayer), allegiance (posture) and action (practice). Good Christians make good citizens!

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