Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother's Day 2018: Being Mom

Title... Being Mom
Text... Genesis 21:8-21

Introduction... Motherhood is an exclusive, but not passive sorority. Being Mom, requires voluntary activity.

Transition... Our text is tense, drama-filled and is definitely a tale from the hood. Genesis 21 is the forerunner of Jerry Springer and Maury Povich...

Exposition... When a woman is really Being Mom, at least three facts are proven:

1) You become familiar with PRESSURE.
Hagar has been evicted (verse 10) and now she's lost (verse 14). Pressure was building and Hagar was aware; but she didn't think it would end like this. She feels the pressure externally (Sarah), relationally (Ishmael), and internally (Hagar's own thoughts). There's no greater pressure for a woman, than to think she's covered, only to find out that the man she was trusting in has left her to fend for herself.

2) FEAR is something you hide but can't help.
Hagar is so hurt, hot and helpless that all she could do was cry. She's afraid: there's no more water; she doesn't want to witness her son's death; and she feels like a failure. There are no super-moms! From time to time, we all feel afraid, because we've gone as far as we can and don't know what else to do. When you're isolated in the desert of life, understand that children are smarter than you think and that heaven hears everything! (verses 15-17 a)

3) When there's JOY it's divine!
If there was ever any doubt, about God being water in dry places, this should ease your mind! Joy has come to Hagar, and it was the Lord's doing. She doesn't have to die or watch her son die; he has a future that has God's fingerprints all over it. Don't get besides yourself, thinking you've been Being Mom all by yourself. When you thought it was over, God steps in and trades your tears for joy! (verses 17-21)

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