Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sermon Notes: Nobody Knows You, When You're Down & Out

Title... Nobody Knows You, When You're Down & Out
Text... Matthew 26:31-35 Matthew 26:69-75 (New Living Translation) *Blue scriptures are links*

Introduction: Anthropology is a branch of science, that studies humans, their behavior, how they relate to each other and their evolution. People are interesting...

Transition: Everyone has the proclivity to slip up when the conditions are right...

Exposition: Wisdom is what you do with knowledge; let's learn from Peter and the other disciples...

1) When things are good, people are good
References... Matthew 16:21-22 (Sacrifice), John 13:6-9 (Service)

2) Your struggle isn't their scene (verses 69, 71)

3) The rooster is just a reminder of broken promises (verse 75)

4) Peter always gets the attention for denying, but the deserters were just as bad (verse 31)

5) John (the only disciple around the cross): some things can't be helped, but do what you can
Reference... John  19:25-27

Take-a-way: Life phases people in and out, but don't allow emotional phases to be the end of rich relationships. Know the difference between leeches (connected to subtract) and the loyal (connected to add).

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