Saturday, June 16, 2018

Sermon Notes: When Your Hustle Is A Hassle

Title... When Your Hustle Is A Hassle

Text... Exodus 18:13-27 *Follow link to the scripture*

Introduction: We are familiar with Moses as a hero, but in our vernacular he was a hustler. Work didn't intimidate him. Moses was a man's man, who had a hard time bringing his life into balance.

Transition: Single life gives you freedom to pour yourself into whatever you desire to, but when you are in a committed relationship, you have to make sure that your hustle doesn't become your hassle...

Exposition: Here are the signs you should beware of...

1) Your methods are antiquated
A Walkerism: "Struggle is a mentality. Change the way you think/act and better living is the result." If everything around you is growing and moving on, but you remain the same, demolition will be imminent.

2) You're everyone's first call
When you are everyone's crutch, there's no need for them to heal. You've effectively crippled them, by teaching them that you'll always be there to catch them when they fall.

3) You don't have time for yourself
Spending all of your time helping others is noble, but it's not wise (Reference Mark 14:7). It's important to your health and sanity, to learn how to say NO! Their problem doesn't have to be your priority.

Take-A-Way: Jethro's advice was critically constructive and lovingly shared, then he went back home. Stop trying to shove your advice down other people's throats!

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